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Minnesota Birth Center

Built in 1911, this Victorian house has been home to many families during its 100+ years of life. The structure had a storied past including conversion into a tri-plex, being left vacant and suffering years of neglect and abuse. The property was seriously distressed. With help from Solid craftsmen an amazing re-birth took place. (Pardon the pun.) It's now home to the Minnesota Birth Center, the first freestanding birth center in Minneapolis. Thank you to our friends at TreHus for allowing us to be part of this amazing whole-house remodeling project, and for the opportunity to provide our Solid framing and exterior carpentry solutions.

Client Comments

"TreHus has used Solid on a number of occasions and for a range of services including framing and finished carpentry. In addition to excellent field work, they have provided good management. Clear and timely communication, commitment to a schedule and financial accountability are important to us, and they have provided these services admirably. They have also been respectful in their interactions with our clients. Finally, they have also been faithful in timely performance of warranty work on the few occasions when it was required. I highly recommend them." ~ David Amundson, Owner


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