Tom Quistad, Account and
Project Manager

With more than two decades under his belt, Tom's Solid career started back in 1991 when he joined as a crew foreman. Subsequent positions as an estimator and estimating manager led to where he is now: in sales.

Sales is a good fit for Tom, who is a very likeable fellow. He's a relationship builder. He likes creating relationships with builders, procurers, industry experts and his peers. Tom enjoys meeting people and is energized by working with talented people. He is particularly pleased that he gets to sit next to Pete in the office.

Tom's favorite work experience was cleaning dirty tables at a Perkins Restaurant when he was sixteen years old. And when asked what his coworkers would say about him, Tom says, "Undersized, noisy and likes to laugh."

In his spare time, Tom likes road biking and mountain biking. Or you might find him on a tennis court. He has three kids and is married to his wife, Becky.


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