Martin Enting, Production Manager

Martin earned his bachelor degree in applied mathematics from the University of Applied Sciences in Flensburg, Germany. This might explain why he loves German soccer and German beer.

He also loves his job. One of Martin's favorite job site experiences was when he was just finishing a remodel job in Edina. "I was just leaving when the little girl of the homeowner came running, gave me a big hug and said: 'Thank you, Mr. Martin, for building us this beautiful home.' That really made my day!"

Working on a variety of unique jobs with various scopes, vendors, contractors and homeowners keeps Martin hopping — which is just the way he likes it. "It never gets boring," he says. Martin truly cares about Solid's customers, projects and employees. He works hard to meet all expectations.

Martin is reliable, fair, hardworking and a man of his word. He is married and has two dogs: a Collie, and, of course, a German Shepherd.


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Work with us just once, and you’ll notice a difference. In fact, you’ll notice a whole slew of differences — not only in the field, but in working with our inside folks, as well. Things like professional, detailed estimates, fast response times and people so tied into, and passionate about, the business side of the construction industry that you feel comfortable long before the first wall is framed.