Brad Liska, Production Manager

Way back in 1987, Brad was hired as an entry-level carpenter. He proved to be good at it and was promoted to foreman. He was good at that, too, and was promoted to train the foremen. Apparently, Brad is good at a lot of things, because he was promoted again in 2005 to production manager.

Business-as-usual brings a lot of variety. Brad manages the work schedule, oversees quality control and tracks costs to make sure projects stay on budget. And he truly enjoys meeting with his customers. "Every day brings something different," he says.

Brad's solid work ethic and problem-solving skills may be genetic. He's fourth out of five boys in his family, and both his dad and a brother work in the trades. A natural teacher, Brad enjoys watching people grow in their careers. "I loved my time training foremen — when I could help a new carpenter learn the trade and be successful," he says.

In his spare time, Brad likes to travel and play golf. He may or may not be as good at golf as he is at his job. You'll have to play a round with him to find out.


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